Albrecht Dürer: lutenist

Albrecht Dürer: lutenist
Music from the age of Humanism

A.Dürer - Man Drawing a Lute
A. Dürer“Mann beim Zeichnen einer Laute”, 1525

An avid traveler and acquainted with the most renowned artists and humanists of the time, the great artist from Nüremberg was a leading figure in bringing novelties from Italy and the Netherlands, both through his original opus as well as his authoritive writings on measurement and human proportion applied to drawing, engineering and architecture.

Dürer became widely famous as the first artist to use printing and woodcutting as creative output to a great scale. We learn through his personal correspondence and travel journals that Dürer was acquainted with quite a few instrumentalists and an enthusiast admirer of the internationally famous Franco-Flemish composers, as well as very probably an amateur lutenist himself.

Dürer’s lifespan corresponds to a transitional period of change in musical tastes in general and lute playing in particular:
Plectrum technique focused on monophony as opposed to or joined with finger technique focused on polyphony; making it particularly interesting to explore as a sonorous landscape, taking the different roles of the lute as point of departure.

In this regard, the present programme includes popular genres and combinations of voices and instruments from late fifteenth-century Germany and the early Italian cinquecento, taken from sources close to Durer’s period, homeland and travel destinations.

4 – 7 musicians
Direction: Ricardo Leitão Pedro (voice and lute)

Live recordings: